I have grown up my entire life without TV. When I tell this to people usually their first response is “Oh, you poor thing” but then most of them admit that they wish that it had been that way for them as well. I am very glad my parents made the decision to live with out TV, it was a sacrifice on their part because both of them grew up watching it. It has made my life so much richer, and we are stronger as a family because we have learned to spend time together reading or playing games instead of watching our favorite shows.

About a year ago,  my family got a subscription to Netflix. It has been really nice to have access to all of the shows that play on TV for weeks on end, and yet not be tied down to waiting for the next episode. One of our recent discoveries on Netflix is the show Lost. I LOVE that show! It is absolutely mind twisting, and EPIC! It is about a group of people who survived a plane crash on this mysterious island. We are about 3 seasons into it, and with each episode new mind twisters appear… It is no wonder people get so addicted to these things!

Have any of you ever seen Lost? If you haven’t I would recommend it to anyone!!!



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