A Short Intro to Your Author

I am not necessarily an interesting person, especially to any casual observer. I am quiet, I don’t smile much, and I am certainly not anything worth looking at. I am always on the outside and in the background. I don’t stand out in a crowd. I am always alone, an observer of all that happens around me.

On the inside though I am a very different person than the quiet unattractive girl who appears to the casual observer. On the inside the person who sits and listens to your conversation has a witty remark, or a smirk at some twisted dark humored thought that flitted through my mind. (Oh yes, I have very twisted dark humor – Which is why I keep it to myself)

I have provided a list for you all to get to know me a bit so that you are not surprised when these things show up.

• My Zodiac sign is Taurus (yes I believe in Zodiac… not as a religion but as a tool to help people learn about each other.)

• I am a very melancholy person

• I am depressed. Very depressed.

• I have a very snarky, sarcastic attitude that I rarely let out

• I have very twisted thoughts

• My sense of humor tends to be very dark and at times, morbid

• I love to read – Books are my passion. I collect them by the hundreds and I love the look, and smell of books more than anything in the world.

• I love to write – Writing is my release. I write in a journal. I write to express myself, in happiness, sorrow, anger and thoughtfulness… Everything is better expressed in writing. I write to express, or to make known the beauty that is in the world.

• I love tea and coffee alike – They are the blood that runs through my veins

• Rain is the sound of my heartbeat… I love the rain.

• I love magic and lore, legend and fantasy, myth and mystery – They are intriguing to me… they call to me, begging me to make known their secrets. To lose myself in them.

• I love sad and broken things. They are beautiful to me beyond words, and more precious to me than gold or silver. Maybe that is because I am also very depressed and alone. I don’t know.

• Broken characters are easy for me to write (Soryn, Dahvey, Rachel, Misha). Broken characters are always the ones that appeal to me in books, (Murtagh, Thorin, William Herondale, Jem Carstairs).

• I don’t have many friends and the few that I do have are far far away from me. I have never been good at making friends. I would rather sit alone in the background than go talk to people. I am so, SO alone here.

• I dislike going outdoors. I would much rather stay locked up in my cave with my characters and my books. Not that I dislike fresh air… that is what windows are for.

• I believe music is the window to a person’s soul… Music is what feelings sound like.

That is me in a nutshell. I am sure you will get to know me better as the blog goes on.


One thought on “A Short Intro to Your Author

  1. Hello! I’ve missed reading your writings! I hope all is well with you. How is your writing coming along? Did you finish that book you are writing? You may not remember me but I emailed you a long time ago the time you were helping your dad with the bookshop. How’s that going? If you do happen to remember me and would like to chat (even though you say you are a quiet person and I completely understand because I am too) you can email me at

    Rebekah from Missouri

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