Introduction to Rowan Oakley

So I mentioned before that I would introduce you to each one of my characters, so I am going to start with Rowan Oakley the main character from my current fantasy/fiction book “The Azoroth Trilogy (man, I cant wait to get a new name for that…)

Here she is!!!

Rowan and Soryn

Rowan and Soryn

Name Meaning: Rowan (one who is fair and slender) Oakley (from the field of oak trees)

Occupation: Training with Sir James, studies

Places of Work: “The Encampment” (for lack of a better name)

Home: She lives in her father’s manor in the coastal town of Oakdale, in the land of Azeroth

Age: 18


Physical Appearance


Head Shape: Slightly narrow, features are angular and intelligent.

Hair (color, texture, style): Her hair is a deep molten copper; wavy and long. She often wears it down loose or pulled back on top with a leather thong. During practice she wears it pulled back into a ponytail or braid.

Eyes (color, shape, eyebrows): Moss green eyes flecked with gold, kind of almond shaped. Arched eyebrows

Mouth (size, shape, color, teeth): Normal lips, often tilted up to one side in a smirk. Good straight teeth.

Skin (color, texture): Her naturally fair complexion is tanned from many hours in the sun

Physical build: She’s slender and tall (5’7).

Posture: Straight, strong, alert, confident. Moves with graceful ease and light footedness.

While Sitting: Often can be found sitting up in the lower branches of trees. Around the campfire she sits cross-legged

While Standing: Stands tall and straight; head cocked slightly

While walking: Sure footed. She walks very soft and lightly, and can run through the forest with almost no sound.

What you notice first: Her deep copper hair and intelligent eyes, and of course, her smirk.




Place of birth: Ha-Nuel, Falcon’s capitol.

Places Lived: The family lived for a time in a small cottage in a meadow, but Falcon discovered it and attacked there, so Brogan moved them to Oakdale, where they have lived ever since.


Her mother Aswyn was a noble’s daughter who lived in Almaria. She herself is part elven by blood. She was captured by General Brogan.

Her father, Brogan was a highland chieftain’s son. On the outside they look like simple barbarian shepherds, but the chieftains have descended from a long line of berserker warriors, and are greatly feared. He was 25 when he met Aswyn. Since then he has become a merchant and does what he can to hide from Falcon.

Siblings: One sister, Ella, who is 12 years old and Rowan’s greatest irritation.

Childhood Experiences: The first memorable experience in Rowan’s life was when she was eight, when she attacked Falcon, and because she caught him by surprise, (his attention was on killing Aswyn) she was able to drive him back long enough for her father to arrive and chase him off. Not long after that, they moved to Radcliff and Rowan had many adventures in the secluded valley and forests where they lived.

Education: She has been well educated by her father, but was always more interested in the outdoors than her studies.

Special training: She is being trained in the arts of swordsmanship by Sir James, who was her father’s friend from the war, and happened to be there when she drove Falcon out of her house at sword point. He saw that she had unusual skill with the blade, and has been training her ever since.

Travel: When she was 16, Brogan took her on one of his voyages that he does for trade. She loved it, and has always loved the sea ever since.

Friends: Soryn and Atokad, who live in “The Encampment”. They are her best and most trusted companions.

Greatest Success: When she disarmed and chased Falcon out of her house when she was eight.

Characteristics: She is fearless, untamable, unbroken. Though she is very unaware of it, she is a natural leader.

Markings (scars, ect) physical or mental: None yet

Special Skills or knowledge: She is quick and agile and completely at home in the forest. Few can match her skill with the blade and she is an extremely good shot with the sling.

Collections and talents: She uses the sword that Falcon dropped the day she attacked him, which is one of the best, being made by the elves. She also has a flute that is of elvish design that belonged to her mother’s former life as a noble’s daughter.

What people like about him or her: People like her strength, determination and loyalty. She never gives up, even when it looks hopeless. She is a natural leader, and people look up to her because she is fearless and strong in the face of great adversity.

Interests and favorites: Her favorite colors are the colors of the forest: greens browns and blacks. Not only is she extremely good at the sword, she has a passion for the sword. She becomes a different person when she has her sword. It becomes and extension of who she is.

Favorite Food: The food from the local tavern of Oakdale

Favorite drink: Fresh brewed apple cider

Favorite music: Any music but especially elvish music and that played by Galien’s fiddle

Favorite books: One could no more choose a favorite star in the heavens!

Favorite Sport: Sword fighting by far

Favorite recreation: Sitting in a tree reading a book, riding her black mare through the forest, slipping silently through the forest in pursuit of game

Dislikes: Sewing, staying inside, being ignored, and being thought of as weak because she is a girl.


Well, there you have her!!! Let me know what you think of her!!!


You Know You’re a Writer When……..

I Found this list a while ago when I was going through my files on my computer and I thought I would share it with you because it is funny, and at the same time, it is completely true!

You know you’re a writer when…

  • You consider ink-stained fingers or a pencil in your hair badges of honor.
  • You drink coffee purely for the caffeine content.
  • You have at least seven large notebooks lying around with important tid-bits scribbled on their pages. You have yet to fill one completely.
  • You have several different movie soundtracks on your iPod to inspire you.
  • People look at you weird when you tell the voices in your head to be quiet “for one second!”
  • You have a bad experience and you try to figure out how to apply it to one of your characters.
  • You bounce up and down squealing when you come across a picture on the Internet that matches one of your characters.
  • You would rather be chased by a dragon through a tar pit than be subject to yet another writer’s block.
  • You willingly share your latest chapter with a perfect stranger, but mysteriously become tight-lipped when family asks what your story’s about.
  • You do everything in your power to look like your main character – from styling your hair to buying articles of clothing – hoping it will lend you a better scope of your character.
  • You try to draw things from your story but tear your hair out when you see how miserably you’ve failed at capturing your imagination.
  • When it comes to a new idea, resistance is futile.

Every time I read this I laugh, because it is the truth! We writers truly are crazy…