I am a Writer

I am a writer. I have been writing stories since I was 12 years old, and it all started because my grandma had my brother and I try to write a short story, which I thought was a silly idea because just a normal girl like me would never be able to write like all of my favorite authors did. But as I began writing, something happened inside of me, it was like a dam burst open and I began to write! I fell in love with seeing the worlds of my characters coming alive at the tip of my pen, (for it really was a pen back then) and creating the world, culture, history, and personalities of my characters. I admit, my first story was seriously lacking when it came to most of these aspects, but I got the point, and I was in love. I have never stopped.

Since I began attending college a year ago, finding time for my writing has been very difficult, but I have never stopped thinking about the worlds that I have come to love so much, and every time the opportunity arises, I visit them!

Now I would take a couple of minutes to introduce each of my stories to you, so that you know what I am talking about when I post about them.

The Azeroth Trilogy (only a temporary name until I can find one more fitting)

Main Character: Rowan Oakley

Secondary Character: Soryn Llyr

Story Line: 10 years ago, there was a terrible battle between the peoples of Azeroth (also a temp name)¬† and the dark elfin lord Falcon. Falcon lost the battle, but eventually won the war by kidnapping the young king. 10 years later Rowan Oakley is living happily in a secluded valley, but her father’s involvement in the war has finally caught up to him. Falcon sends a force to capture him, but they get Rowan instead. Rowan is taken prisoner, and meets the king. They escape together and make it back to the valley, which is the hiding place for the Alavar, a group of soldiers that have resisted Falcon’s rule and are awaiting the return of their king. Falcon is getting ready for war, and the Alavar don’t have enough men to resist him, so Rowan and Soryn go in search of the long lost race of elves.

The Legends of Mithren

Main Character: Imelda

Story Line: Ok, this may be weird to you, but all of the characters in this story are parrots. It is about a family of cockatiels that get captured by an evil force of parrots who are in league with ravens, very evil birds.¬† Most of the family is enslaved, but Imelda, one of the daughters escapes and joins the parrots of Rowden Valley, an ancient refuge and home to some of the greatest legends of all time, Rocco, Cackusola, Hrothgar, and Dagmar, the princess. There is a battle, family is reunited, so on and so fourth… The last time I actually worked on this story was about 5 years ago, so it is due for some updates.

Erin Go Bragh (temp name)

This is actually the same story that I started when I was 12. I have saved it all these years, and have recently began to develop it and work on it again.

Main Character: Evelyn Barras (temp name)

Story Line: It is set in Ireland in 1846-7, during the time of the English occupation and the potato famine. The main character  is a girl of 17, though she acts a lot older. Her mother is recently dead, and her father is away is the big cities looking for work. That leaves taking care of the other children, and keeping their home from the eager hands of the English landlords, all up to her. She gets some help from her childhood friend Aiden and her 12 year old brother. Everything starts to go wrong when she finds an English soldier wounded in a ditch.

My most recent story (I don’t have a name yet)

Main Character: Gabriel Moreau (I have to put pics of these because I don’t have much else to give you right now)

Secondary Character: Dahvey – a slightly insane but completely loveable elf

Story Line: I don’t know much about this one because it is only about a week old. it is set in Renaissance, catholic France. Gabriel is a half elf, and his best friend (Dahvey) is full blooded elf. The catholic church is persecuting the elves and other fantasy creatures. Gabriel’s mother managed to keep his heritage a secret, even from him, until he met Dahvey. Now he is being hunted by very well trained assassins called “the Hunters”. It is similar to a Van Helsing story, but from the hunted creatures point of view.

Well, that is all I have for you today, I have a class at college soon, so I’d better go. I hope you enjoyed the short introduction to my crazy mind! I will do some character intro sometime in the near future!