Introduction to Soryn Llyr

Ok, here is my second introduction for my first novel. This is Soryn Llyr, one of my favorite characters I have ever created. He is my secondary main character in this story, which I am writing in first person. With each chapter I am switching between Rowan, and Soryn.

Soryn (1)

Soryn Llyr

Name Meaning: Soryn (one who is stern) Llyr (Celtic for king of the sea)

Occupation: Stable boy

Places of Work: The stables of Oakdale

Home: Oakdale

Age: 18

Physical Appearance

Head Shape: Slightly narrow

Hair (color, texture, style): Black, kind of long (around the base of the neck), wavy

Eyes (color, shape, eyebrows): Black slightly almond shaped eyes, dark, nearly black eyebrows

Mouth (size, shape, color, teeth): Normal mouth, good teeth

Skin (color, texture): Smooth bronze skin

Physical build: He is about 5’7, and slightly built but strong.

Posture: Straight and ready to fight.

While Sitting: Rarely does he ever fully relax, only when he is with someone he trusts completely, which is rare.

While Standing: He stands straight, with his arms crossed over his chest. He is always alert for danger and ready to spring into action.

While walking: Quick and agile, with a swift sure step.

What you notice first: His calculating black eyes that often appear to be measuring you up as potential danger and his cocky smirk.


Place of birth: Brockhelm, the capitol of Azeroth.

Places Lived: Brockhelm is where he lived most of his life surviving on the streets, and then Radcliff where he lived with his uncle, Odif the horse trainer.

Parents: His father was Svengal Llyr, the captain of the royal navy. He was a giant man of northman blood, with blond hair and deep blue eyes.

Siblings: Soryn has a stepbrother named Lyst. Lyst is a year and a half younger than Soryn, but took after their father and is already double Soryn’s size. He has his father’s blond hair, but his eyes are a faded out pale blue grey. He hates Soryn, much because of his mothers prompting, and was often bullying him.

Childhood Experiences: Soryn is the unwanted son of Lord Falcon and Niki. He doesn’t know who his parents are until he is much older, and it causes attitude issues for him. He was raised by the captain of the king’s navy (opposing Falcon), but the captain never told Soryn that he wasn’t really his son, and always treated him well. Soryn’s step mother however, hated Soryn, and would always pick on him and torment him. She often encouraged her own son, Lyst, to torment and beat him as well. The captain died when Soryn was 8, and not long afterwards, Soryn was driven to the streets by his stepmother and stepbrother. He learned fast the ways of the streets, and had soon fought, clawed, scratched and bit his way to the top. The other street urchins learned to leave him alone, and so the only thing he had to fear were the guards and his stepbrother, who always made it a point so give him a good beating if he managed to catch him. When he turned 17 and could no longer live on the streets without being noticed by the guards, he managed to find his uncle, the captains younger brother, who lived in Oakdale and trained horses.

Education: He was well educated up until the age of eight, after that the only education he received was that of street survival. His uncle taught him to handle horses, walk softly through the woods, and to shoot the bow for hunting

Special training: Street survival, working with horses, archery, and moving silently through the woods. His father used to teach him about ships before he died

Travel: He traveled on foot from Brockhelm to Oakdale

Friends: He has no friends and trusts no one

Greatest Success: Staying alive and finding his uncle.

Characteristics: Proud, mischievous and daring. He has lightning fast instincts, and a quicker temper. He is distrustful of strangers and grudgingly loyal to his friends.

Markings (scars, warts, ect) physical or mental: He has many small scars from his days on the streets, and his heart will always be scared from betrayal.

Special Skills or knowledge: He is always the first to sense danger, and is always the first one prepared to fight. He is very knowledgable about the inner workings of the cities, and all of the backstreet ways. He can throw a knife extremely well, and is a fare shot with the bow. He also knows a lot about the sea, because of his father.

Collections and talents: He is talented with horses and enjoys their company. He is also very good with the throwing knife. He has a foot-long dagger that his father gave to him when he was a boy, somehow he managed to keep it.

What people like about him or her: When you at first meet him, you don’t like anything about him, and he doesn’t like you, but after you get to know him he is very fun to be around. He has a quick wit and a sense of dry humor that everyone loves. He is also very mischievous, and always heading off onto daring adventures. He is loyal to his friends, albeit somewhat grudgingly. He never leaves a friend behind.

Interests and favorites: He loves the sea and ships, they remind him of the happy days when his father would bring him aboard some of the ships he commanded. He also loves horses, and enjoys their company. His most precious possession is the dagger his father gave him, the only thing he has left of his father.

Favorite Food: Soryn will eat anything you put in front of him except mushrooms.

Favorite drink: Anything, although he enjoys sneaking sips of ale

Favorite music: He hasn’t heard much music in his life, but he enjoys it when he does hear it.

Favorite books: He learned to read when he was very young, but ever since he stopped lessons at eight he could care less for books

Favorite Sport: Wrestling, racing, archery, horseback riding, any test of strength, and swimming.

Favorite recreation: Riding his horse or shooting his bow.

Dislikes: Strangers, being noticed, being stuck inside, and rain