11 is an Odd Number…

I got tagged by Mirriam and Thoughts of a Shieldmaiden (one of my all time favorite bloggers :D)

The rules for this tag are simple, Post eleven random facts about yourself, answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in return. Tag eleven fellow bloggers, and notify them of the award. And most of all, have FUN!!!! 😀

Ok, 11 random facts…..

1) I was born with jet-black hair, but in a month it all fell out and grew back light brown 😦 I always wished it had stayed black.

2) I am half German and a quarter Native American (Seminole and Cheyenne). I get my looks from my German blood.

3) I love colorful nail polish, especially weird colors like green, dark purple, blue, and even black.

4) I owned a horse for about a year, but I couldn’t afford to feed her, so I had to sell her. She was a yearling and had never seen people in her life, so she was completely wild. I had her halter trained by the time I sold her. 😥

5) I always doodle in my school notebooks, and then at the end of the term before I throw the notebooks away, I tear out all of the ones that turned out good and pen them to a bulletin board I have in my room.

6) At the moment I am listening to the Song of the Lonely Mountain from the Hobbit soundtrack over and over again!

7) I like to listen to Korean music (thanks to Mirriam). My favorite band is MBLAQ 😀

8) I collect books like you would never believe… I am seriously only a couple of books away from making it to a episode of hoarders 😀 My dad just built me a new bookshelf that is HUGE. It seriously takes up a whole wall in my room, and in addition to that I still have a second bookshelf ans books spread out through the rest of my room.

9) When I am reading books I  am always drawn to the dark, mysterious guys with sad, dark pasts. I also like to write that kind of character.

10) I like rainy days a lot more than hot sunny days, and I would always rather be indoors, even if it is sunny.

11) I am not afraid of anything unless it has eight legs and scuttles around. Then I turn into a ninja  and get all violent… I want him dead, I want his family dead, and I want his house burned to the ground. *shivers*

And now to answer Mirriam’s 11 questions!

1. Do you create playlists for your novels when you write, or do you write better without music? Yes, I do make playlists for each one of my stories. I write to the music, then I turn it off and read it to see if it makes any sense.
2. Is there anything you have given up in order to be able to write? Hmmm….. Sleep. I have busy days because of school and being the oldest girl in a family where mom works, I have to take care of the house, so I save all of my writing for the night time. My family goes to bed at 9:00 pm, and I usually stay up until 11:00 or 12:00, depending on what I am writing.
3. What character (not your own) has moved or inspired you the most? Why? I know this will probably sound a little cheesy and fangirlish, but I think Aragorn, Elrond and Thorin have always been my inspirations (but then again, Tolkien has always inspired me in whatever he has done). The next closest is probably Murtagh and Oromis from the Inheritance Cycle (Soryn is definitely inspired by Murtagh)
4. Have you ever seen a real-life version of your character walking down the street? Yes!!! Just the other day in fact!!! I was waiting at a stop light on my way home from school when a real- life Rowan Oakley walked across the cross walk! She was amazing… the same tall, strong form, and the long deep copper hair! I wish I could have stopped and asked her for a picture.
5. Have you ever been inspired by something completely random and strange? (“Did she say she liked to draw swill-buckets?”) I am sure I have, I just cant remember any at the time 😦 .
6. Have you ever come up with a fantastic idea, only to find out that someone in the past stole it from you? Oh, ALL the time!!! Now when I have an idea I google it just to be sure.
7. Is there one thing people tend to say all the time that you absolutely hate? Well, other than foul language, which I hear every day at school, I hate it when people feel sorry for me because I am homeschooled (which happens about every time I mention it at college).
8. Is there a Tumblr you go to for inspiration? No, not currently… are there any you can recommend 😀
9. What does your writing space look like? Ummm… it is a mess right now because I was doing school there earlier and havent cleaned it up yet :D. It is my brother’s old desk, which has a loft bed over it, so the area where the computer is looks alot like a cave.
My writing buddy distracting me by laying on my work

My writing buddy distracting me by laying on my work

10. Do you have a ‘routine’ for writing? Kind of… I usually clean off my desk so that there is no school visible, then I make some tea, then I light my cinnamon pecan swirl candle, turn on my music and start writing.
11. Have you ever been struck with creative lightning at an inappropriate time? When doesn’t it strike in an inappropriate time? During classes at school, when I really need to get my homework done, when I need to catch up on sleep, when I am driving to school so I cant write it down and I cant write when I get there, and most especially during finals week, when I should be studying for all of my tests. When I actually have a break from school…. not a thing…. Unless of course, I have planes.
Now, 11 things I get to ask all of you!!!
1) Which literary/movie character reminds you most of yourself?
2) What is your favorite music genre?
3) When creating characters, do you name them first and then come up with the character (Tolkien style) or do you create the character first and then name them?
4) Do you collect pictures/models of your characters (I most certainly do)?
5) When writing, do you start at the beginning and work to the end (same way you read) or do you just write whatever scene fits your fancy?
6) What are your opinions on adding mythical/fantasy creatures (elves, dragons, etc) to a story?
7) Do you play any musical instruments?
8) If you were to use a weapon, which one would you choose?
9) Are you a part of any fandoms (ex. LOTR, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Marvel, Jane Austin, Percy Jackson, Inheritance Cycle, etc.)?
10) Sunshine or Rain?
11) What is your favorite type of character (cheerful and bubbly, spirited and saucy, uppity and snobbish, or dark, angry/sad and mysterious)
And now 11 people… I hope I can think of that many!
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Since it it 1:30 am here I am going to just say that anyone else who wants to do this tag do so, just don’t forget to give me a comment!!!

You Know You’re a Writer When……..

I Found this list a while ago when I was going through my files on my computer and I thought I would share it with you because it is funny, and at the same time, it is completely true!

You know you’re a writer when…

  • You consider ink-stained fingers or a pencil in your hair badges of honor.
  • You drink coffee purely for the caffeine content.
  • You have at least seven large notebooks lying around with important tid-bits scribbled on their pages. You have yet to fill one completely.
  • You have several different movie soundtracks on your iPod to inspire you.
  • People look at you weird when you tell the voices in your head to be quiet “for one second!”
  • You have a bad experience and you try to figure out how to apply it to one of your characters.
  • You bounce up and down squealing when you come across a picture on the Internet that matches one of your characters.
  • You would rather be chased by a dragon through a tar pit than be subject to yet another writer’s block.
  • You willingly share your latest chapter with a perfect stranger, but mysteriously become tight-lipped when family asks what your story’s about.
  • You do everything in your power to look like your main character – from styling your hair to buying articles of clothing – hoping it will lend you a better scope of your character.
  • You try to draw things from your story but tear your hair out when you see how miserably you’ve failed at capturing your imagination.
  • When it comes to a new idea, resistance is futile.

Every time I read this I laugh, because it is the truth! We writers truly are crazy…